Cultural Distinctions: East vs. West Dating Customs

Cultural Distinctions: East vs. West Dating Customs

In Australia, Sydney, We utilized the people that are weChat work to advertise the Mad Chaos company. One Chinese woman who accepted the invite came onto messenger to say hello.

We asked, “Do you need to be buddies?”

She replied, “Friends is a waste of time. I want money.”

We thought, “This is a conventional Chinese woman.”

Whom Abets Conventional Chinese Materialistic Values In Australia

A materialistic tradition is prevalent in Asia.

In Chinese relationship culture, guys are likely to pay all of the bills, chaperone their date around, buy her tiny presents, and woo your ex he admires for months to months before they become a couple that is official.

This Chinese girl in Australia understands that if men in Asia like her beauty, she can have 20-40 suitors online on WeChat all offering her red envelope cash (зєўеЊ…) to sustain her lifestyle, and she will not have to state yes to one kid. […]

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