What you should do if you have been scammed

What you should do if you have been scammed

You need to if you’ve been scammed:

Protect your self from further risks
Verify that you could get your cash right back
Report the scam

You can make use of our scams that are online to have advice that’s specific to your position.

Safeguard your self from further dangers

From things getting worse if you’ve been scammed, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. What you should do depends upon what’s happened.

If you think threatened

If you feel threatened, report this towards the authorities straight away by calling 999.

If the scammer contacts you

In the event that scammer comes to your home, calls you, or provides you with an email, ignore them, but keep an archive of what’s happened so it can be reported by you. Read our suggestions about just how to stop nuisance calls and texts. […]

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