Let Me Know concerning the Sims Forums

Let Me Know concerning the Sims Forums

My buddy and I also had been chatting on Facebook earlier in the day, and I also considered the things I think could be an excellent attractive conversation for kids. Imagine if as opposed to being a young adult, you can kiss as young ones? Although not just like a kiss kiss – an innocent kiss like the thing is that in those old-time films or cartoons. Like, you could have a litttle lady have actually a crush on a little child and she will get up to him and kiss him in the cheek. If he likes her, small hearts can go round their head plus they may be “Sweethearts” as opposed to close friends. Or he can make an “EUGH!” sound and try to wipe away the cooties if he doesn’t.

I am talking about, if you should be gonna expand on kids, they are doing have actually crushes! 😛


That might be therefore pretty! Then if they’re both grownups their relationship might be something such as “Childhood Sweethearts”. […]

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